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Design-Build Construction --
It's what we do

Our client list attests to Design/Build being the preferred method of construction.  There is much information on the WEB about the benefits of the Design/Build process over the older style and less efficient method of Architect-Civil Engineer-Structural Engineer, initial drawings for customer approval, final drawings, cost bidding, builder selection, and lastly project construction.   The Design/Build process does certainly incorporate the expertise of architectural and engineering professionals, but incorporates them into the overall building process as needed and in the amount needed to make the process more time efficient and leading to, among many other advantages, faster determination of preliminary project costs for the client, and faster overall project completion. 

Advantages of the Design/Build process include:

  • One entity project continuity and accountability from concept to completion.
  • The primary focus of the shortest time from concept to completion.
  • Designing in what is needed for the project and eliminating what is not, commonly called “Value Engineering”.  No lengthy “boiler plate” generalized work descriptions, notes and details that are not meaningful for your project and add unnecessary costs.
  • Faster incorporation of customization of the project to meet client needs since the Design/Build contractor controls the plans and has direct interface with the client to eliminate lost time.  This is especially beneficial in constructing manufacturing facilities where equipment and processed must be integrated into the facility as it is being constructed.
  • Collaboration directly between the client and the Design/Build professionals eliminate the process of filtering the client’s needs through Architect, possibly several Engineers, then to the builder.  The Design/Build process with shortened communication lines has an inherently better opportunity for a shorter project timeline and a more satisfactory project outcome to the client.  

  • Sunbelt has worked with various clients and industrial developers since 1985. That experience has allowed us to become adept at helping potential clients/tenants with their specific project needs.

    Sunbelt Commercial Builders specializes in the industrial crane served building sector of construction providing buildings with lift capacity of 5 tons, to a heavy lift building with 3 100 ton and 2 275 ton capacity overhead cranes operating on the same crane runway.

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