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Metal Buildings --
Providing building systems from Metallic Building Company

For more than 25 years, Sunbelt Commercial Builders has been part of the buildership program at Metallic Building Company, a division of NCI Building Systems. Metallic has been a nationwide leader in the Pre-Engineered Metal Building market for over 50 years. Their multiple factory locations allow for competitive building materials prices and usually better than competitive delivery of materials.  Their multiple drafting-detailing centers usually provide faster plan submittal than competitors.  The Metallic Building Company has a wide range of building products and engineering expertise.  It can deliver standard Pre-engineering Building Systems, their unique patented Long Bay product line using standardized cold-form components fabricated into Long Bay Purlins that can span up to 65 feet between rafters, and further to heavy fabrication shop that can build massive structures for special purpose buildings. 

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